Sunlant bioengineering is the first company in the world to specialise in the application of CLIA, Multi-index parallel detection and full-automatic protein chip analysis technologies for systematic detection serious diseases.

The output of the very first fully automated analytical system for the protein biochip has filled the gap in the multi-index detection field . The product has covered many AAA hospitals and health check-up institutions, breaking the long-term foreign product monopoly and technology blockade in the field of high technological detection.

Sunlant mainly focus on the biochip detection system of tumor markers, the POCT of infectious disease and cardipulmonary, Microbiological identification and drug sensitive test. And the fully automatic detection of thyroid function, the renal function and autoimmunity are wrote on the next step. 。

Company has the lead position of full-automatic biochip detection platform, 2 research achievements of “863”program, one major industrial project in Jiangsu province and more than 30 patents

Sunlant Bioengineering is providing the best clinical detection based on our professional teams of research, produce, sales and aftersales.