Cardiopulmonary Function Detection Kit

Product Name

 Cardiopulmonary Function Detection Kit (Microarray Chemiluminescent Immunoassay)

Packing Specification

100 persons/kit

Intended Use

This test kit is used for IVD detection of cTnl, MYO, CK-MB, H-FABP, NT-proBNP, D-Dimer and PCT of serum.


The cardiopulmonary markers will react with the antibody located on the biochip and the second antibody marked by HRP(Horseradish peroxidase) at the same time, in order to create the double-antibody sandwich.

Report results: Once the biochip is rainsed from the previous stage, it will be gripped to the cup which is pre-filled the luminol substrate solution. Then the concentration of the cardiopulmonary markers will be calculated through the existing standard concentration and luminous intensity curve.

Applicable Instruments

SLXP-001, SLXP-002, 2nd SLXP-001


2~8 ℃, 6 Months

Medical Device Registration Number

Fresh Armed Jiangsu Drug Administration(prospective)20142400215